Being Erin Brockovich

house appraisal

Many years ago, I saw the movie Erin Brockovich. In the movie, the main character, Erin, works at a lawyer’s office doing…paperwork. She comes across an interesting case and starts conducting work on it.  She unabashedly seeks information and never once apologized for who she was, what she knew, or how she was going to find the information she needed. She was, in short, a true detective.

That is what appraisal work is: detective work. Every answer an appraiser could possibly want is out there. Finding it is the issue. Given the nature of the business (i.e. that appraisers tend to work independently), every single appraiser has to conduct their own individual investigations. This is extremely inefficient.  Therefore, to facilitate appraisers (and others interested in market data), this web site was created.

To start, this is just a small website. Thats because there is a staff of one: me, Lisa Desmarais. Since my full time job involves completing individual appraisals, I will only be able to update the website once a day with whatever new and fascinating data I have come across. Hopefully, this will help others save time and understand the market better.

That said, today’s document has already been added to the website:

Added today under “Subdivisions & Condos” is data for the Rock Creek subdivision in Superior. This new data pairs the same identical models of home with one another so they can be used to study market value trends in Rock Creek.

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